Jarred Taylor

I am a Full-Stack Software Engineer specializing in Data Engineering and Cloud Architecture.


Currently focusing on freelance ventures, I founded a contracting and consulting company, Taylor Technologies, LLC, specializing in empowering businesses with Data Engineering and Cloud Computing solutions.I began my Software Engineering journey as a Full-Stack Web Developer. After completing numerous projects for clients, I realized I enjoyed the Backend side of things drastically more than the frontend, which led me to my current path.

Tech Stacks

Programming Languages:

Python, SQL, & JavaScript

Machine Learning & Data Engineering Tools:

AWS, GCP, Redshift, BigQuery, Looker, Airflow, Snowflake, Apache Kafka, Hadoop, & Spark


  • Cloud Computing: Architect and implement solutions to ingest, store, validate, and integrate data utilizing AWS or GCP

  • Data Engineering: Build and maintain small-to-medium scall Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) pipelines

  • Machine Learning: Develop labeling and evaluation pipelines. Add features for visualizing, tracking, and validating results. Well-versed in NLP & CV.

Get in touch

Feel Free to reach out. Rather its for a consultation, job offer, or questions of any nature, I am open to all emails:

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